Masonry Grid Featured Images

I’ve resized the featured images of my blog posts to a uniform height of 400 px, but the masonry grid format is still displaying my posts in an uneven format. It appears that it isn’t recognizing the new image dimensions even though I have tried a variety of steps to force the change to stick:

    Editing the image through the library Deleting and reuploading resized image Removing and resetting Featured Image in the post itself.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for your help!



The change is in effect but that doesn’t mean the effect is what you would expect. It’s also about image ratio. Think about it this way (and note this is geometry, not something related to the theme):

  • all grid images will be shown at a max-width of 360px;
  • an image of 400x400 will be shown at 360x360;
  • an image of 800x400 will be shown at 360x180.
    Hope this clarifies things.

That does clarify it. Thanks Vlad. Knowing that’s the max width, I can go from there.

Thanks again.

Is there a custom css to allow all pictures in the blog view to be sized so they are all even? I’m having to re-size all features images as to make the layout even.

Thanks, Martin