Margin on Smartphone / Ipad

Hello the A-Team ! I guess I have the opposite problem I’ve seen on the forum. My site is working fine on desktops but when displayed on Smartphones or Ipads there are no margin to the left and the right of the text making it difficult to read. I could not find out how to increase margin.

Thanks in advance for your help and regards,


Hi there,

Can you please to share your site URL here?


Hi Awan. Here it is: . Please go beyond first page and choose a page with text.
If you check that from a smartphone or iPad, no margin are set.


I am sorry for late reply, here is the CSS code to add padding to your page:

.page-content, .entry-content, .entry-summary {
    padding: 10px;

You can add the code to : Customize > Additional CSS.


Thank you Awan, this did it.