Manipulating the Header Type for WooCommerce Pages

The product pages that are generated by WooCommerce are using what is called the “Default” template for the page style. The “Shop” page, that displays all of the products at once, was an actual page in the list of pages. I tried applying the template I wanted to use to it. Every time I hit “Update” the setting would go back to Default. I deleted that page and started one called Products. I tried to apply the desired template to it and I had the same problem. The individual product pages do not exist in the list of pages and they are using the Default template. The Default template is based on the front page. My front page has a full page slider and I do not want that on my product pages. I need for the WooCommerce pages to use a different template.

I want to keep the full page slider in the homepage (front page). I do not want it to be in the two single product pages:

I already took this issue to WooCommerce and I got direct support from them. They could not give me a solution for those two product pages, but they did pose a very interesting theory on a possible way to do it.

I know that if I change what is indicated for the home page header, those two product pages will reflect that change. WooCommerce suggested that I do that then enter some CSS for the home page indicating that it will use the slider. Perhaps the right CSS could override what the home page will use but leave what is indicated for the “Default” header settings as they are?? The only roadblock I foresee would be if the only CSS that would work is CSS that will change the setting originating from the Customizer… which would defeat the purpose. Or, perhaps, the CSS would not get in the way of the Customizer setting and solve the problem? They said something like this might work:

/* Hide slideshow on all pages*/
#slideshow {
    display: none;

/* Show slideshow on home page*/
.home #slideshow {
    display: block;

Perhaps you could tell me if it would work and if so, write the correct CSS to do it with? If so, then I would also need to know where I should enter that CSS… Or, you could do it yourself.
Please take a look at what I am talking about by by logging in to the

Username: [hidden]
Password: [hidden]

Again… I simply (and I know it’s not simple) want the two product pages to have the same header as the many other pages that have the 300px height, light green photo, header. One problem I see is that all those pages have a featured image indicated. The template they are using is the “Featured Header Image” template. Those product pages are not tangible pages in the page list that can have a featured image indicated. Perhaps there is a way to get the same essential thing for them?

This should make a nice puzzle and require someone who knows what they are doing with that theme to solve it. If you need to know anything else, please ask!

I am the developer for Greg Williams and I do not have access to vsmgw1 at aol dot com. I do have gregwilliams at nextlevelpainrelief dot com which is from the same domain we are talking about.



First, please don’t post credentials on public places like this forum, it’s extremely insecure (we use private messaging feature for this). I’ve already hidden credentials in your post above and obscured email addresses to avoid spam. Also I would suggest you to change that password for security reasons.

I want to keep the full page slider in the homepage (front page). I do not want it to be in the two single product pages

Please try to select Image or No header (only menu) option for Site header type in Customize → Header area → Header type section.

Just to clarify, WooCommerce pages are not regular pages, so you can’t modify them as easily as regular pages, that’s normal.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Now I see… finally! There is the “Front page header type” and there is the “Site header type.” I wanted some sort of image at the top of those product pages so I would have selected “Image” but I could not find a way to select an image and have it show up at the top of those pages. I selected/applied what I wanted in “Header Media” but it would not use it. For normal pages I selected a template that used the featured image for the header. Can’t do that with WooCommerce pages. So… I created a Crelly Slider that only goes about halfway down the page and the users can see the products beneath it and will know to scroll down a bit more. Thanks

Okay, you are welcome!

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.