Managing Widgets In Child Theme


I’ve made some changes in Perth widgets and placed them in my child theme folder.

To enable each change, I had to remove the line

require get_template_directory() . "/widgets/existing-widget.php";

from perth/functions.php and then add the following to perth-child/functions.php

require get_stylesheet_directory() . "/widgets/existing-widget.php";

The thing is, if Perth gets updated, I would still need to delete each line one more time while my website falls back to the default widget in the meantime.

My question is if I could use an existing widget to create a new one that wouldn’t be affected if perth/functions.php. This way, I would be able to maintain the widgets Perth don’t know exists.

Is it possible?

Regards, DAVI

Hello Davi,

Unfortunately, there is no other way than that.