Malware infection on several sites

A couple of my site such as or have been reported as infected. And indded when I scanned them using some free online scanners most of them told me that my sites are suspicious and infected for example when scanning using it told me:

External References

... I scanned them using some free online scanners ...

What tool did you use? Could you please share its URL here?


I don’t think the issue comes from that file. That’s just loading the Google Maps script from Google’s servers.

But you do have issues. The infection seems the same on both websites you linked and it’s pretty common. I recommend you try this guide:
If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to seek professional help from Sucuri.

Thanks. It seems like Sucuri is a bit too expensive for me and in free version it only shows locations of the infections. Do you know any addons or other means of securing my blog against such attacks. And by such attacks I mean these: I am not sure what am I supposed to do in such situations. Thanks in advance

To secure your site you can use the Wordfence plugin. But you still need to clean up your website and follow the guide I posted. Wordfence might also help with that.