Making moesia menu bar completely invisible

Hi there,

First of all, I love Moesia - it’s a fantastic theme. My only problem is that I really want to make my menu bar completely invisible so that it can sit on top of my header image at the top of the page with only the menu titles (menu, bog, about me etc) visible and my header photo behind. It seems that there is a second black bar behind the menu bar that you can see and I can’t get rid of it so even when I adjust the opacity on CSS, it just means that you can see this black bar behind it and not the header photo.

I have read some the other topics relating to this in the forum but none of them seem to address this particular issue - Help!


To move the main menu to the top of the page, please go to customize > menu > then tick “Check this box to show the nav bar at top” option.

Then, to make the background color transparent, please add these css code below to your child theme or use simple custom css plugin:

.sticky-wrapper {
    position: absolute;
    width: 100%;
.sticky-wrapper, .top-bar {
    background-color: transparent;

Hi Awan,

This works on my site, but the Menu bar on mobile doesn’t appear anymore.

How to make it reappear on mobile.



Hi Jumbros,

I’ve already checked your site, the menu button on mobile screen is appears, you have to slide the page to the left. I am not sure what caused it but please try to deactivate your non-theme-required plugins to see which plugin produce this issue.


Hi Awan,

Forgot to update this thread, I resolved it yesterday. I had another CSS code that reduces the site’s px on top. All good, thanks!