Making link to certain page and area of the page


I am making links to my front page with SiteOrigin button. Can I somehow make link that will lead to palvelut (services) page and also scrolls to the right service(to certain widget area on the page)?

The page is:
I hope that the link will lead to page “Palvelut” and scrolls automaticly to picture “Printti”.

Thanks for your help

Mikko from Finland

Dear Mikko,

In the “Destination URL” field you need to enter an value with the below format:


Replace elementID with the ID name of the target area/element. To find it you can use the web browser’s inspector tool. On Firefox, right click > Inspect Element.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks for your advice. I went to page and to picture where is the text “Printti”. Then I moved my mouse to “printti” text and clicked right and “inspect element”. It gives me a lot of data so I dont know what to copy and paste to SiteOrigin Button.




I found it! Thanks a lot Kharis!

Best Regards

Mikko from Finland