Make site title non-link


The site title in the header is a link. I would like to remove the link, so it is just text. Is there CSS I can put into my Custom CSS that will accomplish this?


Hello Mike,

Please go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor -> click Theme Header (header.php) in the right sidebar -> find the following code:

<h1 class="site-title"><a href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url('/'));
?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo('name');?></a></h1>

…and replace it with this code:

<h1 class="site-title"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></h1>

…click Update File button.

If you want this modification to be permanent (not to be overridden after theme update), then you have to override this modified header.php file with a child theme.

I hope that it will help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Great. That works.


You are welcome Mike,

Thank you for using Sydney Pro!

And have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.