Make section bigger to display picture

Hi there,

At the bottom of my website I have an area that is just 2 buttons but I wont that area to be bigger so that it will show more of the picture behind,

Just have a look at the website and go to the bottom, its pretty obvious.

Thanks heaps

Hi goodtimemusic,

to resize the section, you need to open the style.css from appearance > editor.
or you can use this plugin or use child theme to add this new line below, so your modified style.css will not replaced when you update your theme:

#pg-11-4 .so-panel.widget {
  padding: 200px 30px;

at the new line above, you can increase or decrease the value of padding. to make the section bigger, you can increase the first value of the padding e.g 200px or 300px or 400px

hmm this didnt work. I tried 500 as well

I am sorry, I meant try to use this code:

#pg-11-5 .so-panel.widget {
  padding: 500px 30px;