Make row Height 100% of page

Hi there, is there a way to make the row/color fill the entire page. On this page there is white above and below the content, is there a way to make the entire page the same color?

Also, there is a large space between the titles and content, is there a way to shorten that distance?



if you edit your site, go to edit row (the little icon on the right) and there you should be able to set your row to full width.

To set a body backgound color I guess you can go to appearence - customizer - color and choose a color for the body there.

You could also set the body color per css:

body {
  background-color: #fff;

Edit: Don’t forget to use a child theme or a custom css plugin to apply this code.

Does this let you have what you wanna do?

Best regards

Ah, forgot one.

To reduce the whitespace edit your row and give it a padding of maybe 50 or 35px.

Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but it still doesn’t affect the entire page. if you look at it now, you’ll see that there is still a white box around the the about section? Can’t I just make the entire block the same color?

Did you tried to make your row full with and set a background to the row? Which color do you want to be at your site? Then I could write another css code.