Make logo larger

I was following the instructions here to make my logo larger:

It had no effect so was changing the numbers etc (as well as editing the comments so I would remember what was there before and what I had changed). After I did “something” and tried to save changes I received the error message that my site is not working (HTTP Error 500).

I can no longer access my editor but support tells me there is an error in functions.php on line 84. Unable to access the site, editor, customizer, or anything I’m not sure how to proceed. Support is working on it but no luck so far. I located what I thought was the backup file within cpanel but it is apparently too small/not a full backup and i’m not sure what to do with it (I get error that no application on my computer can open it anyway and if I cannot access the editor not sure how to fix).

Does anyone know how to find the original functions.php so it can be restored?

Very much appreciate the help so I don’t lose weeks of work.

Hello there,

FTP your site, then access wp-content/themes/sydney folder. Then download the functions.php file. Check whether on line 84 is like this:

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'sydney_setup' );

Please compare the original functions.php file with yours. Make sure you have the latest version.