Make images in Woocommerce unclickable


I am setting up a Woocommerce shop in Sydney Pro selling photos. I am aware that Woocommerce do not have the function to sell digital photo downloads, so I will be sending the customer a URL to the file they wish to purchase.

The problem I have is that a customer can click on the product they wish to purchase and then click on the image and then get taken to a full size image they wish to purchase. Is it possible to stop them doing this such as making images unclickable? It defeats the object of the shop if they are able to see the full image without purchasing first.

The only alternative I can think of is to watermark every image manually and then send the file to the customer.


Hello there,

Thank you getting in touch here.

As far as I know, WooCommerce has a feature that allows us do sell a digital or downloadable product. Go here for more comprehensive documentation. Could you please confirm if it doesn’t work for you?



Ive managed to stop the images being clickable using a plugin on Woocommerce website “WooCommerce Product Details Customiser”