Make header central on desktop only

On mobile it’s fine, but on desktop the header text is at the top of the box


Can you share your site URL here?

You can make the menu centered from Customizer > header area > menu style

That doesn’t work, I’ve tried that. It’s not centre on mobile or desktop now either.

I don’t want to use the button or small text, just the main large text if that helps?


I am sorry if I don’t understand enough your questions. Can you also to upload a screenshot and add a mark to the part that you want to be centered?

Sorry, on the directory tab -

Desktop only - my logo isn’t central

Also I’m really struggling to get the header text on homepage central when looking on mobile, I’m referring specifically to the words


Hi, are you able to help with this please? - logo and menu are not central on desktop (see screenshot) but they are on all other pages.


I am sorry for late reply.
To make the header logo and top menu centered, please put this CSS code below to Customizer > additional CSS

.site-branding, #mainnav {
    width: 100%;

And this to make the header text on the home page centered:

@media only screen and (max-width: 991px){
    .home h4.header-subtext {
        display: none;
    .home h3.header-text {
        top: 0;

THANK YOU, that worked apart from one thing now…

the logo is still off to the left on this page - I need it to be central.

Lookslike you need add !important rule the code below:

Please use this code instead:

.site-branding, #mainnav {
    width: 100% !important;