Make front page slider less than 100% height

How do I make the header slider on the front page less than 100% height?

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I noticed that your header slider has been less than 100% height already. Please confirm whether you still need an assistance.

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Hey Kharis! Thanks for the reply.

Yes, sorry, I found a work around that I’m not happy with. I’ve moved the content up 200px but I would like to find a way to edit the height of the slider instead (because I’d like my images in the slider to be centered). I noticed in the Chrome developer tools that there is a piece of code styling the .fluid-width-video-wrapper, but I cannot find that code anywhere in my files.

Hello, I’m a new user of Sydney Theme. I would like to know how to decrease the height size of the slider in the homepage, Because I’ve left only the slider as afront page, but it appears the Scroll bar at the right even if there is nothing below the slider. I don’t know the cause of it.Could you please help me? Sorry for any misundertand, english is not my languaje.