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I’m sure there is an easy code fix for this and I would appreciate your guidance. I want to balance out the layout of my posts on the main pages. You can see what I’m talking about on my homepage and the post called “Twitter tantrums,” which appears at the end of page 1. The same thing happens on my next page for older posts, although not as bad.

Site link:

Any insight or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Debbie, well I don’t know what you want to achieve? That is the point of masonry display. If you want for images to be same in size you can change that in functions.php file.
Change this line:
add_image_size(‘alizee-thumb’, 750);
add_image_size(‘alizee-thumb’, 750, 300, true);

Read more about add_image_size on WP Codex.

Then use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin from Tools > Regen. Thumbnails.

Than you have to change your heading length manually to set them to be in one or two rows. After that your blog entries should match in height.

Thank you for your reply but I think my question was unclear. I do like the various sizes of the pictures and posts, which is one of the reasons I chose this theme. (I’m actually finding my photos crop the same, no matter how I try to customize the size but that’s fine). I’m referring to how the post collection appears on my homepage and supporting pages.

Specific case in point: my post on Twitter tantrums (end of page 1) is aligned right vs left and it has nothing next to it. It’s just floating out there. The same for my Exploring Asia post (end of page 2, older posts) but at least it’s aligned left. I’m wanting to make the collection of posts overall balanced and I welcome the various individual post sizes. Site link: cool.deb. Many thanks!

Well, the simplest thing you can do is to set Blog pages show at most: 6 (or any even number) From Setting > Reading.

Excellent! That did it and I super appreciate the help! Simple WordPress fix but I didn’t know how to seek the solution so many thanks for your time and insight.