Main Navigation Logo


Please help me remove logo (branding) from main navigation menu. When tried to disable in custom css it positioned the menu links to center.

.site-branding {
 display: none;

I want to display nothing there. When not uploading any image the main site title and tagline displays instead.

The website:


Keep the code you added and add this too:

.main-navigation {
    width: 100%;

Great. Thank you! As alwayes you helped:)

Any chance how to position main-navigation to CENTER?

.main.navigation ul {
  position: center;

What am I doing wrong?

First, it’s .main-navigation, not .main.navigation
Second, position: center is not a valid propriety.
Use this please:

.main-navigation ul {
     text-align: center;
     float: none;
.main-navigation li {
     float: none;
     display: inline-block;

Perfect. Thank you.