Main Navigation Drop Down Menu

Hello Vlad,

Could you pelase help me with my website’s main navigation menu?

How do I disable the link “USE” in man navigation menu? I want this to act like dropdown only when mouseover.

Is there a possibility that in responsive design “USE” will be collapsed? Now on mobile main navigation menu USE is expanded and it shows all the sub-links. Is there a possibility to collapse?

Thank you.


Have you added it as a custom link in the menu? If so, simply go to the menu and keep the item there but delete the link. If you’ve added it as a page then add it as a custom link and delete the link.
Sorry, it can’t be collapsed.

OK thank you

Forgive me if this is an unrelated question to the one above - I’m having trouble figuring out how to start a new post for some reason.

I was hoping to centre my website logo and have the menu reduce to an icon at the right, similar to how it is here:

Is this possible in Moesia Pro?