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…when you select a page from the main (in my case for example ‘Our Services’) and you are taken to that page. Is it possible to have the ‘Our Services’ menu item highlighted by some colour of my choice just to remind people what page they are on. I probably didn’t explain that very well but hopefully you can help.

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Hello Lawrence,

You can achieve this with custom css code below:

#mainnav > a,
#mainnav > a {
    color: #ffcc00;

Of course, change color value to your liking.

You can apply the code with this plugin

All the Best!

Many thanks for your reply. Your solution works perfectly apart from in one (1) instance. If you select The Company and then Compliance from the Main menu, when you are taken to that page The Company in the main menu does not highlight.

Any ideas as it has got me beat!

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Hi again Lawrence,

Only difference is that mentioned link is using longer link and other menu items are using for example

Really don’t know how you have built that particular menu item, but try to change it like other menu links.

Let us know how it turned out.
All the Best!