Main-Menu sticky

As you can see here ( I’ve done it in the header.php to set the main menu UNDER the slider. But how do I get the menu now “sticky”, so that it scrolls?
With the settings I have “sticky” set, but that somehow helps nothing.
What else do I have to do?

thanx for your help…

Seems like you left an unclosed div I think and you broke the layout a bit. Have another look at your code and then we’ll see about the sticky menu.


This is the lower part of the header.php. There I have made the changes. Can you see what is possibly wrong?

Looks like <div class=“col-md-8 col-sm-4 col-xs-12”> is unclosed. Next time post your code to pastebin, it’s hard to look at images :slight_smile:

unclosed? okay… and how and where i close?

Add </div> after </nav><!-- #site-navigation -->.

aaah okay… thanx alot…

and can you tell me where i can find

i can not find it at the demo content… i am looking for this slider? in

Clear your cache from your caching plugin please. I’m not seeing the issue resolved.

You won’t find it in the demo content. That slider is made with Crelly Slider. Your version of Sydney Pro comes with Revolution Slider which we’re not bundling anymore because rules don’t allow us.

Okay, the Revolution slider I do not like anyway, which is much too complicated for me. Can I easy download the Crelly Slider? If yes, where?

Crelly is free to download, but there’s no integration for it in your version of the theme. Not in the header I mean.

Revolution isn’t that hard to use, just go here and pick a prebuilt one, import it in Revolution and change what you need.

i have all try with revolution… I can not import the demos, as always comes an error message. I let it remain. Too bad that … with the raindrops I had been fond.

If you want I can give you the Sydney Pro version with support for Crelly if you don’t want to use the one with Revolution. Email me at vlad[at] if you want.

can you tell me, where i get the update from revolution slider? i have the old version 4.6.5 but the newest is 5.0.7 … with the new slider update i would try again…

It’s bundled with the theme. If you delete Revolution you’ll get a notice to install it, just like you did the first time.

yes. i will try this way :slight_smile:

Just note that if you have an existing slider (which I’m guessing you don’t) it will be deleted. So if there’s anything you want to save, export it first.