Main menu screen flip

Hello, :grinning:

I find some troubles on my “main menu” fonction for may site, i hope that you can helps me to learn how to fix it.

=> When we use “main menu”, like Journal (or other), the screen flip always at the upper of the page before i’m scrolling at the good section. I try when i navigate with my “main menu”, to directly be at the good section without the parallax effect of the upper page, when I navigate internally on large screen ?

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Hello Christophe,

Thank you for your query regarding this. I’d like to help, but, sorry, I didn’t get it clearly.

Could you please elaborate it and share some screenshots with annotatios to better explain it?

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Hi kharis,

I try to explain with a story board,

Phase 1 : you arrived on the site ( and the big aircraft image and you scroll on the front page. The “main menu” appear always on the top. (all are fine :slight_smile: )
Standard_large screen

Phase 2 : you select on main menu, “Journal” or other item “Airport-benefits”, you switch on the good page but always with the aircraft, not directly on the bottom expected section.
i would like to arrived directly positioned like this after “Journal” menu => For the large screen, of course

THX Christophe