Main menu positioning

How can i change the positioning of the menu because it looks like its all the way on the top. i would wanna have it in the center of the navigation bar.


Yeap, the menu is aligned at the top with the logo. If you can post a link to your website I can give you a bit of custom code specifically for your site to make it vertically centered.

Here is the link to the website :

Use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.main-navigation {
    padding-top: 20px;

Thank you. Also, i had this cool effect on the header image that looks like vertical and horizontal lines which gives the image a cool look but now the effect is disabled. How can i enable it ?

You mean those orange dots? If you disabled them you can re-enable them from Customize > Welcome area. There is a checkbox there for the overlay.

I tried that checkbox but it doesn’t re-enable it.

Can you disable the maintenance mode so I can see? By the way, that overlay only works with the static header image, so if you have something else in the header, like the built-in slider or Revolution Slider it won’t work.

Something is wrong here, my replies are moved to the top.

I disabled the maintenance mode. I have it on a static page by the way and it still doesn’t work

I see it working. Though it’s not very visible on your image because it’s also in shades of orange. But the overlay pattern is there, you can see it clearly over the chimney.

You are right. Thank you for your help