Main Menu & Padding

Hello! Fantastic theme - I really do enjoy it!

I am having two issues related to the main menu:

  1. When scrolling up from the bottom of page, the main menu produces a transition effect that looks like a glitch. Can this be disabled?

  2. There is a significant amount of padding between the main menu header and content on the following page:
    What is the best way to reduce this padding?

Thanks very much!!


Happy you like it.

  1. Not really a glitch, but you can use a custom CSS plugin or child theme and add this to make it go away:

.site-header {
     transition: none;
     -webkit-transition: none;

  1. If you edit that page and click on Edit Row you’ll see there is an option to set your padding. The default is 100px top/bottom. Set your own value and you’re done.