Main menu disappeared?


I’m running the very good “Sydney Wordpress theme” on several websites. Since 1 week the main menu which is including logo and dropdown menu disappeared :frowning_face:

I’ve found this topic which is covering that subject but unfortunately it didn’t bring me the right issue…

Impacted Websites :

Some related plugins I’m using on these websites :

  1. Mobile Menu (Native Sydney mobile menu throw “mobile first errors” into Google console)
  2. Simple CSS (To face responsive troubles like mobile menu)

Points that I’ve already checked :

  1. Appearence > Customize > Menus > Places
  2. Appearence > Menus > Manage places
  3. Simple CSS : Global css rules
  4. Simple CSS : Single page css rules

In the browser developper console I see an error which could be at the origin of this trouble ?
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
on : jquery-migrate.min.js:2 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1

Last point, I see all the menu html code in the source code page, I don’t understand what is going wrong :frowning:

Any idea how to face this issue?

Thanks in advance for your great support

Best regards



I found this CSS code in “MJ Customize Footer” plugin.

header#masthead {
    display: none;

Please check and remove that line from the plugin

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Hi Awan,

Many thanks for your fast answer. You’re right, I ve duplicated my “self made” plugin on several websites without changing this parameter…

Problem is solved, thanks again for your help :ok_hand:

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