Main header title moved to row below image after update


After update to 1.35, my title, subtitle and call to action button got moved into a separate row. They are now in a row that is entirely below the front page image. The only custom css I have written is using Custom CSS plugin and I can’t seem to find any conflicts.

I have the same problem after the last update.

Thanks Laura, that’s exactly what mine looks like. From what I can tell, the browser is not loading the .slide-inner CSS class, so it just lumps that section in the corner. If i manually type the CSS into the inspection element, it moves it to correct location. Not sure what to do. Hopefully another update soon??

Hi Tera,

I cleared my cache and everything looks good now. Weird impact from that update but it all seems back to normal again. Whew!

Ach! But it’s still messed up on the mobile version. I hope there’s a fix for this soon.

Dear Laura,

I can’t reproduce that issue on my test site.

Try clear your site’s cache if you have cache plugin like W3 Total Cache being enabled.


Thanks Kharis,

I don’t have any cache plugins installed - but I cleared my android cache again (!) and that seemed to do the trick. For some reason my phone was more stubborn than my desktop.

Thank you for your help, you must be getting so sick of hearing about this problem!


It’s not actually a problem and there’s nothing weird here :slight_smile:

We’ve had to rewrite some parts of the header slider. That’s why if you don’t refresh your page you’ll see the new HTML structure of the slider along with the old CSS. That’s why it looks messed up.

Sorry for the inconvenience.