Main Header slider on Sydney not appearing on mobile devices


Bizarrely, the main header slider no longer appears on mobile devices but does work on desktops. I’ve tried on various browsers but it seems to be disabled for mobile devices. This used to work fine.

Is there something I am doing wrong? The website is and in wordpress it appears when you test the site on mobile view.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I just looked at your site and it seems to work fine. Is this resolved?

Hi, I’m having the same issues. I have been following a tutorial for the past two or three days and today I finally launched my site ( It shows up fine on my laptop and also on my wife’s ipad but fails to render at all on my phone or my friend’s phone (I have an iphone 5). I checked a couple of online services ( and Google’s own Mobile Friendly Test page) and here’s what they say…the first site shows that my site is appearing ok on all the different mobile devices I tried (iphone, galaxy and iPad mini)…Google tells me my site is very mobile friendly yet doesn’t render the page at all. I see two bouncing green circles when I try to view the page on my iphone which is fullu updated with the latest iOS.


You should clear your cache from your mobile device, it looks fine to me. Also, as a side note, you should resize your slider images to a max width of 1920px, they’re very big at the moment.
Here’s how Browserstack sees it on iPhone:


I have a similar problem: on desktop it works but on my phone I do not have a fullscreen header slider anymore. I tried several css codes provided here with custom css and cleared the cache but nothing helped.

Page is



If you don’t like the new slider behavior on mobile, you can go back to the old full screen way from Customize > Header Area > Header Slider > last option there.

I haven’t changed anything in this direction so there is no old full screen way. The theme version 1.36 is installed. Should I try to change it to version 1.37 or does it delete something?


If you haven’t changed anything to the theme files, it won’t delete anything.

I’m new with wordpress. So the theme files are not changed by custom css and by adding sites, plugins and widgets?

Where did you add the custom CSS?

Hi. I installed the Plugin: “Custom CSS and Javascript” and added five codes I found in the forums. I am thinking about updating the sidney theme, maybe the mobile version works then, but a am afraid it goes back to default.