Mailchimp form integration

Is it possible to change the CTA button to be an email sign up form instead?


Nope, you can only add links in it. But you could probably just paste the form code directly in a text widget.

Thanks. Would it be possible to position the text widget where the CTA button is currently positioned then?

You can position the text widget wherever you want. In case you imported the demo content, you’re not limited to that front page structure. You can move the rows around, add widgets, delete etc. See the documentation page please and play around a bit with the page builder.

I see. Thanks Vlad. In this case, could you tell me how I can make my menu header transparent? I.e. where the logo Sydney is in the demo?

You mean when you scroll down and the menu bar gets black? If so, you can add this to a custom CSS plugin and adjust as needed:

.site-header.float-header {
      background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6);

Thanks Vlad. My header is transparent now, but since I’ve used a row at the top rather than the default header, my background does not extend to the header area. Please help.
You can see what I mean here:

It does extend to the header but it obviously doesn’t go below it. Can’t help you here.
Do you want to hide the menu bar completely or why are you making it transparent?

Yes, I’d like to hide the Menu bar completely. Is this possible?

Basically, I’d like it to look like the default Sydney header but using a row instead so I can add my own custom CTA button…


You can add this to your custom CSS:

.site-header {
   display: none;

Perfect. Thank you!