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And thanks for a great theme.
I have been struggeling to make a mailto icon as a social icon.

I’ve pasted this in the style.css file, under the rest of the social icon:

.social-navigation a[href*="mailto"]::before {
	content: '\fe0e';

It doesn’t work, and i have tried other icen codes from

Any suggestions?

Website: and not finished yet.

I added code to the style.css and would suggest to add this code with the next update:

    .social-links a[href*="mailto"]::before {
    	content: '\f003';

There is also an error when entering a social network that is not represented in the list. Then nothing appears when Style 1 is used. Use a blank space or a dot when this network is not listet. But otherwise it is not showing up at all. Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us.

I checked your site ( and it seems not running Ignis theme.

Do you still need an assistance with it.

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