Love sydney theme but want to modify it to suit client theming

Awesome theme and layout (sydney theme) and im currently experimenting with it here on a test server: SEPG camera club

now dont shoot me here for the sly question im about to ask, i like the look and feel of this site:

they created the site via squarespace and i personally like it and i would like it incorporated afew of its features or mods into my existing sydney theme SEPG, namely the spanned header images and menu area.

im having issues with the header area where it dosnt stay solid white and when the page scrolls up, you can see the contents ghosting through the header area. when i preview it in mobile layout, the menu hamburger (being white) disappears due to the white background unless i change the header/menu colour to black which then exposes the logos jpeg shape (white rectangle) and looks butt ugly. i added a dummy blue strip to break or divide the header area from the content page but that scrolls up and defeats the purpose .

how can i add a random image spanned across and staic to each page like without the header meanu area changing as its white background and their colour scheme, the light blue….

great support btw, thanks

Hello @ibm450,

Can you please create separate topics for each of your questions in order to make it easier to help you?

Kind Regards, Roman.