Lost my menu


I am working on publishing our new blog/website that is still under constuction. I changed the text of the main menu and it disappeared. How and where am I able to get it back visible?


My site: earthplanllc.com

Somehow, I’ve managed a disappearing act. While using windows 7 to create content and manage graphics, I’ve had a negative outcome when viewing the site on my Apple Ipad2. The three-bar menu icon is missing on the ipad. However I am seeing my traditional text menu when on my laptop.

This just happened as it was visible yesterday. I am clearly the bandit, I just don’t know how to get it back.

Can you view my elements and advise on how to get it back. Navigation on the Ipad or an iphone are severely hampered without it.

Many thanks in advance


@urapaiva you can change the top menu color from customize > color > Top level menu items

@Jerome I am not sure what are you doing to the theme, I think the problem is on the javascript. when the page is displayed in desktop, the nav tag should has mainnav id http://prntscr.com/8wxewy, and when it displayed on mobile, it should change to mainnav-mobi http://prntscr.com/8wxes4

Well I’m perplexed. I woke up this am and found that the 3-line logo had returned to my ipad2 in both landscape and portrait mode. Amazing.

FYI - I have changed the font to Arial, using #333333 for a +/- 80% Dark Grey. It greatly improved readability. Perhaps it is just my age (70), but I think it looks great. Nice job on Sydney!!