Lost menu on mobile



I’m fairly new to this so please be patient! I have looked at posts with similar titles but they don’t seem to cover my issue.

Basically I have been editing my wife’s site. It looks OK on PC screen, but the mobile view has gone all wrong:- no menu visible, and the screens are not scaling properly. What have I done? Is it just some checkbox that I have wrongly checked, or something more serious?

Site is integracoaching.uk.com



Hi Steve,

You have set same blue color for menu and title as it is set for header background, so menu and title are there but you can’t see them https://www.screencast.com/t/OQOB5UAkO . You should be able to fix this easily by changing these colors from Appearance > Customize > Colors > Header. From there change site title and mobile button colors to some other color.

Best Regards!



Thank you. I suppose that was obvious to you but I had been staring at it for ages. I am rather embarrassed to have made such a silly error. Thank you very much for your help.