Lost Licence Key

Hi there,
I want to purchase the Lifetime package and in doing so upgrade my Sydney Theme and Sydney Child Theme to the Pro versions.
While doing that, I wanted to use my current Licence Key and couldn’t find it to fill in the Licence Key area for the purchase of the Lifetime.
Can you send me the Licence Key please.
Shaun Pollington

Thanks and regards
Shaunie P

Hi Shaunie,

I can’t find you in our system. Do you have an order number? Or do you know which email address we sent your purchase receipt to?


Hi Charlie,

It is amazing I have misplaced my info from you guys. I am dumb-founded as to where it is.

When I Login I use shaunpollington@gmail.com mailto:shaunpollington@gmail.com and my other email address is shauniepmusic@gmail.com mailto:shauniepmusic@gmail.com, which you could try.

I have used the support forum before and have received emails from Kharis Sulistiyono.

I’m sorry and embarrassed about misplacing something so important for my site building. I can’t believe it. I’m still looking.


Shaun Pollington
Kotara NSW 2289

Hi Charlie,

Just a thought!!!

FYI - I have not purchased anything from aThemes. I created a Wordpress Account to build a couple of websites and after checking out a few themes, decided on Sydney. Then chose the Sydney Child theme due to the update issues that would have been experienced.
Maybe I just now need to Purchase the Sydney Pro Theme and the Lifetime Package without worrying about the key. I will obviously get one when I purchase the upgrade.
Does this sound like a reasonable plan???

I have a WooCommerce question.
Will WooCommerce integrate well with Sydney? or
Do you recommend another eCommerce Plugin?
The site I would like to use eCommerce on is (as a sub-domain site at the moment until I have finished building it) danceoflifebellydance.musicforfun.com.au http://danceoflifebellydance.musicforfun.com.au/ .

I appreciate any help I can get with the above.


Shaun Pollington
Kotara NSW 2289

Hi Charlie, or who is available to respond,

I have been waiting for an answer to the above questions. This is causing a delay in my site building process and would like to get some answers ASAP.
As stated above, I would like to purchase Sydney Pro and the Lifetime package, the waiting time is frustrating my process for my new site and would like to get this resolved.
I’m sorry to sound short about this, however, support is important for me. Especially if I am going to pay for a Pro theme version and Lifetime package.


I have an e-commerce store that sell the men fashion outfit. I’m using old theme that’s not responsive. My main domain is cyberpunk jeans and I want to show the product page on mobile.

Did you try it Shaunie, How was Sydney Pro, I was planning to buy theme for my website that is an online merch store. I just wanted to know if they have good support and how are their themes. The theme should be non-buggy and easy to use.

Hello there,

You can check our demo and read the documentation first. We always here to help our customers in the support forum. Please use your own topic in case of any queries we can help and use one topic for one query.

Thank you for your interest.

aThemes Support

Sure got it. Thank you for your reply. Will check out both the links that you mentioned. And will take care to open a new topic for any queries in the future.

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Thanks for the details it helped me with the site amps in a refrigerator, and I suggest the same details to other poeple.