Lost all my page's styling with all rows and widgets etc gone

Please help! I don’t know how to describe what has happened in technical speak but when flicking between the editing tabs - visual, text, page builder (editing in visual, I think! then saving it), I have lost all my hard work - beautiful images organised in many rows and widgets etc. All the photos and text is jumble up in one SiteOrigin Editor widget. All the structure lost.

I have done this before and know its due to not understanding what “Would you like to copy this editor’s existing content to Page Builder?” means (I guess) that has done this. I just click ok! thinking I’m going to see all my widgets and edit from there again.

Before, I recall I went back to a previous revision version and it was restored to the correct view. It doesn’t work this time.
Can I get it back all have I lost a very big page full of work?

Thanks a lot,


Sorry to hear this but they explain when you click the Revert to Editor button that the plugin will clear your page builder content.

I think you might have a chance. Find and click on the History button (next to where you add rows and widgets) and find Converted to Editor, or another revision that you’d like to go back to.

Sorry, I missed the part where you said you already tried this. But anyway, see if you find that exact version where it says Converted to editor.

You can also try from Revisions box from below your post editor. You just need to find one that works.

Thank you Vlad! sorry for the delay, I couldn’t get online yesterday. My “internet work” starts after 9pm onto 1.30/3am (or 9am-2pm a few days) all after a full day with kids and other committments, so I’m doing all this so tired and desperate to get it live!! Whilst on a huge learning curve.

I think I have used the history back button before but I also the revisions list. I was freaking a bit to use it this time and hit “use this revision” button because I could just see 2 columns of text. It couldn’t get worse so I went for it and its all back how it should be.

I don’t quite how I get to that editing situation. I think sometimes I go into the visual tab to edit rather then into the row widget itself without thinking and see Pagebuilder tab and just flick over to that, thinking I can flick page with so damage.

I will try harder not to do this again. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: