Lost ability to change page header


Hi all. Thanks again for your product and service.

Somehow the area for linking an image for the header of a page is gone. You can see in the screenshot here: https://snag.gy/3chpog.jpg

Please help as I need to update!


Hello there,

I am sorry for I didn’t get it clearly. Did the option appears on bottom right side? Would you please put some annotations to your screenshot?



Thanks you Kharis. There used to be a field to designate the image for the header of each page at the bottom. Now it is not there. How do you now change the site header?

In the customize–> welcome area —> I have already unchecked disable header image…

Thanks so much for the help


Hi Kharis - still hoping you can help!


Still hoping you can help!!


Hello there,

It might be hidden and can be enabled from Screen Options.

It can be accessed when you’re in page’s editing panel.