Losing configuration when moving host

Hi there,
I have built a website with Moesia Pro on a localhost and have now moved to a live hosted webserver environment. As usual I needed to use SQL statements to alter the URLs from localhost:8888 to new base urls in the WP DB.
…however, somehow all the theme configuration is lost on the host and the site displays the static header image of the “camera guy” (but all website content is there). Where do you exactly store config information? Is there anythings specific needed to be considered when moving environments?
Thanks for a nice theme and your support.


There is really nothing specific to Moesia Pro regarding transfers.

All theme options from the Customizer are stored in a single array (that’s how the theme review guidelines require). See theme_mods_moesia-pro in wp_options. You can see there if your url for the header image updated properly.

Thanks for the very quick reply. I did now the following: imported the SQL DB of localhost to webhost. executed SQL statements to replace URL strings in ‘home’ and ‘siteurl’. So now as expected, when I load the page it will not display the logo and slider (built in slider, not revolution) but the rest is ok e.g. reads the config (e.g. sticky menu on top, colors, links and specific google fonts).
But here’s the mystery: When I go now directly to the DB field “theme_mods_moesia-pro” and exchange the localhost:8888 string with the correct webserver url string, the webpage will load with the default camera man static page config and all font, links etc. is lost. Rechanging to the old string will go to the previous state with correct setting but without pictures. Even if I alter the footer copyright text by adding one letter will have the website ignoring the config settings completely.
Conclusion: if I change anything in the “theme_mods_moesia-pro” DB field, it seems that the complete field will be ignored/not read (i.e. config settings) and the default config is used (static page, camera guy picture, menu at bottom, default colors and fonts).
I tried it on two completely different web hosting environments (different providers and countries) and its the same problem at both. Any clue or at least hints where that bug resides?

I’m afraid I can’t help much with this issue. Can’t really tell where things go wrong.
The thing is that the options you seem to be losing are not even custom made for Moesia. Checkboxes and image uploading fields are part of Wordpress core, we just call them and use them as we need, but the logic behind them is part of WP, not part of the theme.

I think I figured it out. It’s not theme related as I suspected.

So, for example, I have this in theme_mods_moesia_pro:


This would be one of the images uploaded for the default slider.
You changed the url so it went to:


But the array is serialized and the length parameter isn’t valid anymore (s:80). Now the URL is shorter so we have fewer characters, therefore s:80 needs to be also updated with the actual number of characters. So in this case it becomes:


I haven’t tested this but I belive it should work. Same thing goes for every other option that implies an URL change.

Hey Vlad,
you are a genius! That’s exactly it! A bit cumbersome and tricky but now everything works like a breeze…thanks to a letter count functionality in my code editor I didn’t need to manually count the letters :wink: …I should have thought about that myself.

Thanks again! Best regards