Looking to upgrade to PRO

Love what you guys are doing and wanting to upgrade to support you all!

  1. First, do you have a comprehensive list of everything you get going pro for Astrid in addition to what is written here (https://athemes.com/plugins/astrid-pro/). Specifically, what new widgets I would have access too…

  2. Second, do you have a quick guide to how to update? I have worked for months on my website (starconversations.com) with the free version and do not want to lose anything… how would I go about upgrading and maintain everything I have worked on?

Thanks, you guys are the best!

Hello there,

The pro version of Astrid is available in a form of plugin that can be installed easily from plugin administration panel. Once activated, you won’t lose any configurations you’ve done. Features of pro version are explained here in this page.