Hi just bought the pro version but dont know where the license number goes…
also logo on front page header stretches no matter what size?



The logo thing will be handled. Meanwhile you can add this at the bottom of your style.css:

.site-logo {
     max-width: 100%;

You have a link at the top of your page that points you to the license page. It’s Appearance > Theme License.

Thanks for getting back to me.
I understand about the CSS but where does it go?

Also there is no link at the top of my page… which page do you mean?
On dashboad there is appearance but there is nowhere to add license.


The CSS goes in Appearance > Editor. There’s a file that opens up automatically, scroll down to the bottom and add that code.

When you hover over Appearance you should see, among others, a Theme License link. Is it not there?


Appearance> editor> css styles >css right got it

There is no ‘hover’ when over appearance !! you are talking about wordpress dashboard right?

Also still stretches original logo 512px by 512px

I am talking about your admin area, yes. There’s only one Appearance there :slight_smile: See this screenshot: http://snag.gy/Q0eu9.jpg
Post a link to your site please.

Nope mine look like this

also when importing logo the logo still stretches


Sorry about the logo. This is what you should add:

.site-logo {
    width: auto;

About the license thing, you have Rocked active, not Rocked Pro, that’s why you’re missing the license thing. Have you installed Rocked Pro once you purchased it? They’re different themes.

Also please note that when you added the previous code I gave you you deleted the last } that was already in the code. I marked in this screenshot what you’re missing: http://snag.gy/QH2Hf.jpg

Right I’ve now started again uploaded Rocked Pro Installed and licensed

As rocked is like no other theme I’ve encountered… could you please tell me how I can upload the demo content?
If I go to Tools> Import it doesn’t give me the option to upload just asks for plugin types


I see you managed to import it. Please note that first you need to import the settings file in Types as shown on the documentation page and then import the demo content again.
So install Types if you haven’t already, import the settings file in Types, then import the demo content.

Ok deleted wordpress started again for the 4th time.
Imported and activated Types imported settings file…
Imported and uploaded demo style … and still looks rubbish…
To be honest I think i give up on this theme too many things that go wrong.
The upload content says things have failed etc
I have 4 wordpress sites all running so its not like I’m new to this, just think your theme is too complicated and glitchy.

Too much time wasted for not much back so how can I get a refund ?



Sorry to hear about your troubles. I’ve asked my colleague to refund you and you should receive your money back in 24 hours.

Need help with image size adjustments. Site is http://0008o5p.rcomhost.com/wordpress1/

  1. The logo for the site is too small. How can I make larger? I’ve tried
    max-height: 180px;
    width: auto;
    but it doesn’t work.

  2. The clients logos are too small. How can I make larger?

  3. The crelly slider doesn’t give me a way to adjust size of images or text boxes that I can find. I’ve asked them but no reply yet.

thanks in advance!
love your themes!