Logo/website title

Hi dear developer
first of all I would like to thank you for the fantastic theme(Sydney)
I have a problem which made me crazy!!
my client likes to have the logo,the title and the tagline at the same time
when I upload the logo, the tittle and tagline of website will be disappear!!
I was wondering if you please tell me what should I do

Thank you so much in advance for your time


Yeap, the logo replaces the site title and tagline. There wouldn’t be enough room for all of them and anyway, it will look awful. But if you want you can create a child theme and overwrite header.php and do your changes there. Let me know if you need help after you’ve set up your child theme.

Hey there,

the beautiful Sydney theme is exactly what I was looking for! It’s the second website I work on with wordpress, so I am still quite a beginner and I just came across your comment on the logo problem. I’m struggeling with the same issue at the moment and was wondering if you could still offer some help?! :slight_smile:

I just started working with a child theme (first time) and would like to insert a logo sitting left to the site titel and subtitle (using the baseline of the subtitle). How can I arrange that?

I’d be really grateful for some help here. Perhaps you could use easy words for a beginner to understand :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot already!