Logo too big on mobile

Hello! I would like to make the logo smaller on the mobile version of my site. I tried with this but it doesn’t work:

 @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
          a.custom-logo-link img {
            max-width: 180px;

I also added these lines because i need to fix the logo dimensions on desktop (i don’t know if this is the problem):

img.custom-logo {
    max-width: 290px !important;
    max-height: unset !important;
.site-header {
      padding: 10px 0;

Thank you for the support, Marco


Thank you for reaching out to us.

I need direct inspection to correct the code. I request you to share a link to your website here, so I can check and help you in a better way.

aThemes Support