Logo to co-exist with site title and subtitle

is there any way that logo can co-exist with site title and subtitle?
usualy when we choose a logo site title and subtitle dissapear.
thank you in advance

No, sorry. There wouldn’t be enough room for all of them so selecting a logo would make the title&desc disappear. You can however edit your logo and add the text directly into the image.

No i wanted to avoid that for SEO reasons,
My logo is small and would fit i just didn’t know the css code to make them both visible.
I saw that this can be done on another vendor theme.
If not is there a way to add logo after the menu and before slider text?
thank you

If you think it would fit and you don’t have a very large site title and description then it’s easy to display them all, but you would need a child theme (useful for other customizations also). Once you created your child theme you need to copy the header.php file in it, do a search for <?php else : ?> and delete that line. After that you can let me know and we’ll style things a bit.