Logo text not showing - broken link

Hello I uploaded a logo but it was not showing right so i delete it. Now the text that was there before (The title of the site) now not showing correctly. It has the broken image icon there.

The logo was transparent background but when uploaded to the site it was not showing transparent.

Can you suggest anything?



You need to actually remove the logo from the same place you’ve added it. Simply deleting it from your Media Library (which is what I’m assuming you did) will cause the result you’re seeing.

It probably wasn’t transparent, it cannot become solid if it was. Check it again please.

Hi Thanks for your prompt reply.

I did remove it from media but the issue still there so not sure why that is. An other suggestions?


That’s what I’m saying. Don’t delete it, remove it from Customize where you’ve added it :slight_smile:
Can you share your link please to make sure I understand correctly?


here is the link



Hey thanks

I have added another logo and it seems to be ok now. If i have any more problems i will let you know… Thanks for all your help.