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Hi my site is www.baobabtravel.net and I need the logo on the top left increasing in size by half as much again, I am a novice with this so would appreciate step by step help please, thanking you in advance.


Hello there,

Thank you for asking. In order to achieve that objective, could you please try to do the following?

  1. Login to your site admin area
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New. Install and activate the Simple Custom CSS plugin
  3. Go to Appearance > Custom CSS. In the provided box, paste the following CSS code
.site-logo {
  max-height: 150px;
  1. Hit he Update Custom CSS button

  2. Done

I hope this reply helps.

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Thank you soo much, worked like a charm, have a great day!!


Hello there,

You’re welcome!

I’m happy to have an opportunity to assist you. Please let us know if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

Have a great day to you, too!



Hi again, how do I remove the excess white spaces on the whole site?
Especially on the front page underneath the post about Mkulumadzi written by Forbes Magazine and my banner for '‘what to bring and how to prepare for your trip to Malawi’'
Many thanks


Hello there,

Thank you for posting. It seems that it doesn’t relate to the initial thread. It is out of the current topic. Could you please post it in a new topic? I’d be glad to provide an assistance starts from there.

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Hi please send me a link to start a new thread


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Head on here. Scroll down to Create New Topic in “Sydney”. Compose your question there.

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