Logo size and several issues


Here is my website http://festival.youhumour.com

This theme is great and I almost finish my website but when I test it I have few issues… Please apologize my rude english and thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

1- My logo isn’t responsive depending on the device I use ! I mean in some device, the logo is really big… Maybe somebody can tell how can I do to place it at center and be responsive?

2- On mobile version I have an additional section (video) and I don’t know why because this section doesn’t exist on desktop version…

3- I use a team manager plugin and I have the “>” witch appear and it shouldn’t… I don’t know if it’s because of the theme or the plugin…

4- In some sections I have a strange spaces on title… for exemple for the “« FAITES L’HUMOUR PAS LA TÊTE »” section or the “Soyez Prêts” section I have a space between the row and the title border…

Again thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, your site is not accessible at the moment. I’ll check it out later.

Please try this link… site

Hi, you used custom CSS to set its width to 720px, remove that, and apply code below:

img.logo-image {
        max-width: 500px;

@media screen and (max-width: 1366px) {
    img.logo-image {
        max-width: 400px;

First part will set logo to be smaller, and second part will make it even smaller on all devices below 1366px in resolution.

2. Just checked, Video section is present on mobile and Desktop.

3. I will install the plugin to see, where “>” appeared? In EMPLOYEES section?

4. Create separate rows for each section (widget) and spaces will disappear.

3. Don’t know why these arrows appeared, this CSS code will remove them:

.team_social_links ul li:before {
  display: none;


Thank you Very much ^^ !!

For the point 3, I talk about this video section… I don’t have it in my desktop version…

It is showing on Desktop.

Try to clear browser history, or try different browser. I tried on Chrome and Mozilla and it is OK.

You were right ! I didn’t see it because it was hidden on the visual editor…

Know on mobile version, I can’t see the font icon’s maybe it’s because of tis css code?
.team_social_links ul li:before {
display: none;

I’m sorry to borrow you again but still, now my social media icon doesn’t appear on the mobile version on the social media menu, and the widget …

And all my “fact box” doesn’t have the same size…

Hi, I tried on Sony Xperia (chrome) and social media icons are displayed correctly on social media menu and the widget.

Which phone you are using, so I can try reproduce the problem on particular screen resolution?

Regarding fact box, it is normal behavior. The blocks will be the same if in all you use for ex. two-digit numbers.

And you can try removing

.team_social_links ul li:before {
  display: none;

But I think it isn’t the problem.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, and I tried on Huawey too and both have the same problem…I already clear the cache…

I noticed that plugin team manager is pulling font-awesome.css , this iconic font is already included in Quill theme. Do you have option to disable it?

Also there is probability that you are missing some HTML elements since there is error in W3C report regarding </p> element.

It can be some other element because browsers are smart nowadays and they try to fill in missing elements but on long pages they are not accurate (this is regarding appearance of “>”).

There is certainly an error regarding setting up team manager plugin. Try posting on their support forum, they have far more experience with their plugin :slight_smile: