Logo on main slider

I updated sydney latest version and observed that my logo and Html ( Mail/Phone no.on right most corner) disappeared , instead Logo is coming below slider , annoying.
My main resaon to opt for sydney theme is for tarnsperent main image or slider , and " NO HEADER "
I want old bersion back or suggest to achieve it back.
I am atatching cache iamge of my earlier front.
I am using single page Web design.
Site is under cosntruction.

Barefoot Agrifarm


just checking your site and looks like you already solve this issue?

Not resolved , if I load my older style.css in child theme , Logo and menu icon superimposed on slider images with transperency , only browing after slider black strip appears.Desired.
Check site now with origianl Sydney theme no changes in style.css , there is black strip appearing behind logo and menu , which is to be removed.

Oh I see, but the black background color is appear in menu only and not in logo. And its came from megamenu plugin.

Maybe you can try to remove it from megamenu setting?

Display is not like what you ahve pasted , it is black strip covering Logo and Menu.
If i load my child theme with old style.css, it is OK.