Logo off on mobile devices

I’m not sure why my logo image as well as the call to action not showing well on mobile devices. The logo is cut off and there is no call to action button. Is this normal and I just need to change the dimensions of the logo in general?

Site: www.webmeetsdesign.com

Thanks for your help as always.



The call to action button is hidden on small devices because there won’t be space for it. As you noticed, there isn’t enough space for you logo either because of it’s square shape. But you can add this to a custom CSS plugin to make the logo even smaller on mobiles:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
      .welcome-logo {
           max-width: 150px !important;

My website doesn’t show up at all on mobile devices after I put in that code.

/edit So I added it and it seemed to not work so I removed it. Then the page wouldn’t load anymore so I cleared the cache and all of a sudden the logo does exactly what I want and shrinks on mobile devices perfectly. So crazy. Thanks for the help haha.


The site finally reverted back to before with a large logo without the code you gave me. I put the code back in and it just shows a blank page when I try to open www.webmeetsdesign.com on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

Thanks again.

I got it to work with a different custom CSS plugin (Custom CSS Manager). Thanks for your help!