Logo, menu, header are not appearing on mobile

Hey, I have been working on my new site https://mfab.ie/ and I have been using the Sydney theme. I absolutely love the theme and how the site looks and feels.

But I am having issues with the mobile version of the site. The menu and logo is not appearing on any of the pages, bar the home page.

The hero images are also massive and I can’t seem to make them fit properly.

The only additional CSS I have is

    .sydney-social-row i {
    	font-size: 50px;
    .sydney-social-row a,
    .sydney-social-row i {
    	width: auto;
    .sydney-social-row i:before {
    	position: static;

Here is what it looks like on mobile:

I am new new to CSS any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I checked your site and I didn’t see any issue as described.

It looks like you got them run properly. Let me know if you still need any help with it.


Hi Kharis,

It looks fine in the home page on the other pages it is now showing but only two lines of the burger menu is showing and and header images are really long. Is there a way to shorten the images and show the full menu?

Hey, did you get a chance to have a look at my issue?

I know you’re busy, and your help it greatly appreciated