Logo and name of pages

I filled in name of my webpages in site identity part.
After uploading my logo in general part of customizer
the name of my webpages disapeared.

Also is there any possibility to adjust size of logo
(how it is displayed)? I want it to be half smaller than now.

And one more thing - how can I change color of short horizontal line showed under each widget title or how can I dissable it?

Thank you

And one more think - is there any possibility to see the particular text in employees section?


As default the site title/name of your site would be replaced with your uploaded logo. I suggest you to put the site title/name of your site to the logo image.

Or you can also try to tweaks the code but its better if you have a child theme.

Please visit this thread https://athemes.com/forums/topic/how-do-you-change-the-yellow-bars-under-titles-color/ to remove the underline within the widget title.

Particular text in employees section? did you mean that you want to display the employee description below the picture of the employee? Yes, its possible but its better if you have a child theme.

yellow bars changed and child theme installed.
Could you advice me how to display employee description
and tweaks the code regarding title/logo area,
if it is possible?

Thank you very much

Okay great!

Now, to add site title below the logo, please follow these step:

  1. duplicate header.php from the parent theme to your child theme
  2. add this line:
<h1 class="site-title logo">
  <?php echo esc_html( get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' ) ); ?>

before closing anchor tag of the site logo http://prntscr.com/9ta1gb

And here is to add the employees description:

  1. duplicate “widgets/fp-employees.php” from parent theme to “widgets/fp-employees.php” under your child theme

  2. add this line <p><?php echo the_excerpt();?></p> above the social media icons http://prntscr.com/9ta2a1

  3. open functions.php under the child theme and add this line:

if ( function_exists('siteorigin_panels_activate') ) {
 require_once get_template_directory() . "-child/widgets/fp-employees.php";
  1. Activate your child theme and your site should produce an error

  2. and here is to fix the error > open functions.php under the parent theme and change this line :
    require get_template_directory() . "/widgets/fp-employees.php";

// require get_template_directory() . "/widgets/fp-employees.php";

Hope it helps

everything done and everything is perfect now.
Thank you very much

May I ask you if there is any possibility to adjust the size of my logo?
I want it to be half smaller than it is now.

Thank you for your advice.

Resolved in another discussion. Thank you