Logo and menu not showing on mobile


When using the Airi theme using custom logo and semi-transparent header the hamburger menu and logo is missing from the site when testing on on mobile/ios. The live preview in WP shows the items correct.

Link to site: www.andreasericsson.se


Looks like the logo and mobile menu not showed because you hide it. Please check your custom CSS code:

.nav, .main-navigation, .genesis-nav-menu, #main-header, #et-top-navigation, .site-header, .site-branding, .ast-mobile-menu-buttons, .hide {
	display: none!important;

Maybe you need to remove that code to resolve the issue.



Thanks! I have not entered any custom CSS, so its either an artifact from an older instance, even if i have purged the installation after demoing and trying different themes, or something related to a plugin. I have tried deactivating all plugins, but the issue persist.

I have also tried to find which css file this code can be found in, but have failed. Can you guide me to the correct file?


Hi again!

I poked around bit more, and it looks like it was a caching issue, where the web host had implemented Varnish cache, using an old template or plugin to render the pages. I disabled Varnish in the .htaccess file, and it worked immediately

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