LoginDropdown Customization

Hello Dear Athemes

I am struggling to find where I can customize the dropdown login menu.
Can anyone point me to where I can find the files I am looking for?

Thanks in advance!
Much love


I’m not sure what exactly you want to achieve, can you please provide a link to your website and some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Dear Roman.

I am tryig to find the files in which where i can costumize the dropdown menu which is located right beside the social icons in the top of the website.

Here is a screenshot provided

Red circle is where the link to the dropdown is located “no need to costumization here”
And the Blue Ciricle is where i am looking for the Codes.

I am not looking for theme specific costumizations, i am lookingfor the codes of this specific widget so i can costumize it with my own code.

Thanks in advance

Hello, thank you for the screenshot.

Please check inc/functions/functions-header.php file, row 249-317.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello dear Roman

Thank you very much, that did the trick! :wink:

Have a wonderful day,

You are welcome! And have a nice day as well :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.