Login didn't work correct and moblie Layout mistake

Hello guys,

I hope someone can help me with my problems. This is my website: http://test.modenaz.de/wordpressmodenaz/

  1. When I go to My Account/Login, I come to wp-admin. Correct is [woocommerce_my_account] but i didn’t work…

  2. In the mobile Version, the cart is cuted on the right side.

Thank you for helping!

Best regards from Austria


  1. The default header login link points to wp-admin. You need to add a link in your menu to your Woocommerce login if you want, like we have on our demo site.
  2. I justed tested your site and it seems to look fine. You mean your cart page here I guess? http://test.modenaz.de/wordpressmodenaz/cart-2/
    On what device have you tested?


Hello Vlad

Thank you for helping me.

I have already added the link of the “My Account” page in the woocommerce settings. It didn’t work. What should I do now? Where can I add the link in the menu?

Yes. I tested it with my Huawei and with an iPhone. I have the same problem with both phones, the right side (amount in €) is cut off.



What I mean is that you can add the link in Appearance > Menus.

What iPhone exactly please? I tested but still don’t see the issue.

Ahh yes I know what you mean. But in will have the same menu structure like in the demo version. And the “Login/Register” is on the right side. The menu on the left side. How can I do this.

You are right, on the iPhone it works now. But not on my Huawei. Maybe a cache problem?

Sorry for this questions, I am a beginner at WordPress but I will work with this theme because I like it.



I just realize that the way we have it now isn’t very good, considering this is a shop theme.

Just to clarify, you would expect that the Login/Register link would point you automatically to the account page, which in your case is this: https://test.modenaz.de/wordpressmodenaz/my-account/


Yes correct. How can I change this link?
That would be great.