Localizing Widget Names/Taxonomies in Types


Thanks for a great theme. I’m building a website for an upcoming event and loved the look and feel (and support) of this theme. The widgets you provide are super helpful, and the possibilities for customization are fantastic, but I’m finding the titles/taxonomies they include (which seem to be for business oriented) don’t match what I’m doing very well.

I haven’t had a problem getting things to display as I want them on my home page, but I’m hesitant to use the sub-pages as generated automatically by the theme because the widget titles seem to be carried over into the URL.

I think this is controlled by the Types plug-in I installed to get this up and running, but I’m wondering what the best strategy is to ensure my site urls, and site navigation, reflects what I’m trying to do with this site.

In particular I’d like to know what strategy I should follow, including files I should be editing, and what sorts of future compatibility challenges I may have as updates to this theme are released.

Thanks again for a fantastic theme,


The custom post type slugs are used in the URLs by default. As you noticed, the change needs to be done in Types. So go to Types > Types and Taxonomies > Click on edit for the cpt you want > Scroll down to the Rewrite option > click custom URL, add your slug there and it will replace services or employees etc in the URL.
Obviously, the backend wil stay the same.

Thanks Vlad-

So it sounds like changing the taxonomies through Types wont mess up any of the style sheets or tags behind the scenes. That is great to know.

The last question is about forward compatibility. If I invest in creating my own taxonomy that fits my site perfectly, should I worry at all about future compatibility of my changes? Should I keep an eye out for changes of a particular type that I should avoid, or expect to break my custom taxonomies?

Thanks again,

I think by taxonomies you’re actually referring to the custom post types?
We never changed the custom post types and I see no reason why we would do that. All we did from time to time was to add some new custom fields (attached to some of the cpts) when we added some new features.
But please note that if you create your new custom post type, you also need to write the code to display your custom posts.